How do I contact Security?
Ilikai Marina Security can be contacted 24 hours by calling 808-721-3637. The office is in the lobby.

Where can I find the Site Managers office?
The Site manager's office is located on the 2nd floor. It is the first door on the left when you enter the corridor. 808-949-0100 / ilikaimarinamgmt@gmail.com

I am locked out of my condo. What can I do?
Lockout assistance is not available. Please contact a licensed Locksmith or your Rental Agent if you become locked out of your unit. A 24-hour vendor list is available on the lobby bulletin board for your convenience.

What are the building's "quiet hours"?
Noise must be kept at a minimum when entering and leaving units, especially during the quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. 

Where do I check-in? / Where can I store my luggage?
Ilikai Marina condos are privately owned, so the owners/agents provide guests with access information.
We do not have luggage storage facilities. Please contact the owner or managing agent of your condo.

Can I bring animals onto the property?
No animals are permitted in the building without written authority from the Board of Directors. Feeding or watering domestic or wild birds is strictly prohibited. Any disabled person requesting a reasonable accommodation to keep an animal in their unit needs to complete and submit the Service Animal Form prior to arrival on property. 

Can I hang my beach towel on the lanai railing to dry?
Nothing can be hung on or from lanai railings, walls, or ceilings for any purpose whatsoever. No clothing or laundry shall be hung in doorways or windows in such a manner as to be viewed from outside the building

Where can I swim?
We use the Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean for swimming.

How much is parking?
Pro Park is responsible for the parking deck attached to the building. There is a booth located at the parking entrance. Rates are listed at the booth. Booth: 808-973-0631  Main Office: 808-971-7755

Where can I smoke?
The Ilikai Marina is a smoke-free building. There is a smoking area located on the 7th floor. There are two stone benches for your convenience.

Where is the Laundry Room located?
Laundry services are provided to you through the Ilikai Marina Association of Apartment Owners. The Laundry room is located on the 8th floor and is open from 6am to 10pm daily. If you have any questions or need assistance with the laundry facility please contact Security at 808-721-3637.

Where do I throw away my trash?
The trash chute is located at the end of each hallway. The trash chute hours are from 7 AM to 10 PM. All trash and garbage shall be securely wrapped in bags and placed in the trash chute. All boxes must be broken down and brought down to the ground floor trash room which is located on the harbor side of the building. No garbage, cardboard, recycling, or other items may be left in the trash chute room. 

Where do I put my recyclables?
There is a recycling bin located on the 7th floor by the parking lot. No garbage, cardboard, or large bulky items can be left on the 7th floor. The 7th floor is for recycling only. 

Where is the closest ATM?
The nearest ATM is located across the bridge on the 2nd floor of the Modern Hotel.